Azahar was born in Spain. Started dancing when she was a child. She realized how wonderful dance was, at the age of four, when she learned how to turn on the radio.

Later on, she was amazed by the varieties of dance styles the world had to offer and went on trying each style that crossed her path and seemed interesting. Afro dance, Argentinian Tango, Flamenco, Bollywood, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Chacha, Vogue, Heels, Dancehall, Kizomba , Semba, Comercial, Kuduro, Reggeaton, Ballet, Jazz, Modern dance, Folk dance and Oriental dance. Been the last one, the closest to her heart.
Azahar discover oriental dance in 2004. Fell in love with it right away. Since then, she is constantly educating herself on the subject. She learned from many of the most recognized teachers.

Latin dance and flamenco was also part of Azahar´s life. Born in the cradle of flamenco, living part of her life in Canary Islands, having family from South America, hearing the music ,the rhythms and dances, became a part of her everyday life.
Azahar started teaching in 2009 oriental dance styles and the basics and foundations of different Latin dances.

She studied pedagogic for dance teaching at Tampere´s Summer University in Finland. She successfully graduated from it in the summer of 2015.

She is constantly participating in workshops and festivals, seeking for further knowledge every time. Her motto is that as a teacher “You are never ready” or ”The more you learn, the more you understand how little you know”.
In 2017 She also got certified as a IBBFA Barre instructor and started imparting classes right away with great success.

Azahar has experience teaching people from all ages. From children to third age.She is known to be a friendly, skillful and very supportive teacher. Her lessons are always build so that you learn at same time you are having fun.

As a dancer she is known to be a very charismatic performer. Her dancing is always full of emotions and  feelings that she knows how  to transmit  to her audience. She is also known for having her own elegant and soft style. Also of applying original ideas to her choreographies.

“Azahar is a passionate and innovative dancer, with great ideas and visions that go outside the box of typical oriental dance. Her dance is full of feeling and personality.” -Laura Zaray



              Photo:at Stage of Feelings Competition.

 October 2014 Stage of feelings competition at Hafla intensive. Helsinki.
Awarded with the first place.
January 2015 Oslo oriental festival competition. Norway
Awarded with the third place.
October 2016 Queen of orient competition at Hafla intensive. Helsinki.
Awarded with the third place.

February 2020 Layali festival competition. Stokholm. Awarded with the first prize on the professional cathegory


Another projects


                Photo: at The Little Mermaid dance

2014 Rölli ja metsä henki: as a Choreographer. Ähtäri
2015 Dance-camp from Merikanto opisto: as a teacher for small chidren. Virrat.
2016 Inhan patruuna: Appeared with her dance troupe Azahar. Ähtäri.
2018 The little mermaid: As a dancer and choreographer of her own role. 2020 Desert roses: as a dancer of Zaray dancer´s troupe in Helsinki.

Past shows


                    Photo: at Hafla intensive 8

Pirkanlinnan 50 Year´s Anniversary. Ähtäri.

Lakeudenportin Opiston Anniversary´s gala show. Alavus.

Jyväskylä Oriental Festival. Jyväskylä.

Tunteiden Näyttämö Show. Helsinki.

Pirkanpohja Art Gallery Opening party. Ähtäri.

New Year´s Gala show. Ähtäri.

Oslo Oriental Festival Gala show. Norway.

Helsinki-China Cultural Organisation Gala Show. Helsinki.

Alada Concert Gala Show. Ähtäri.

Soroptimisti Anniversary party. Virrat.

Hafla Intensive 8 Gala Show. Helsinki.

Panda talon avajaiset Gala show. Ähtäri.

Hafla intensive 9 opening Gala show.Helsinki.

Tribaltoguether Gala show. Turku.

Desert Roses . Helsinki

Layali festival 2020 Galashow. Stokholm

She also  has experience dancing at  weddings, restaurants,  parties such as: before Christmas parties for companies, birthday parties….etc.



Photo: after Mercedes Nieto´s workshop

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