All my in person lessons have been cancelled. All events and shows at the moment are on hold. I guess all your hobbies have been cancelled too and you are stuck at home more or less in this situation. So i am.

So having this much free time all of a sudden, made me want to do all the things i let wandering in a corner because, “i was too busy” for them.

That include finishing few courses i had pending and also…Making online content!!I bought tripod and light and stuff but never went fully in to it. So now is the time.

Because this is all new to me, i want to offer you few free lessons to try it out and is happening soon, like really soon!

Next Thursday 19.03.2020 by Facebook Live stream, 3 free online lessons.

1.Belly Dance Basics level: beginner/open level.


2. Belly Dance “Shimmies & Layers” Level advanced/intermediate


3. Barre Level 1.


Helsinki time!If you are interested in joining in, click the link below and ask to join the facebook private group where the lessons will be streamed.

I hope to see you there <3

Stay safe <3

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