Azahar is a loved Spanish teacher, performer and a certified Barre instructor based in Finland, with more than 15 years of  experience in the field.

Azahar is passionate about  bringing  happiness, confidence and improving the quality of life for women of all ages and backgrounds through dance and exercise.

For her, is really important that her students:

Know about her story



Azahar started her dance career in 2007 and teaching career in 2009. She is trained in ballet, latin dances and oriental dance through all her life.

She studied pedagogic for dance teaching at Tampere´s Summer University in Finland. Successfully graduating from it in the summer of 2015.

She is constantly participating in workshop, festivals, seminars and seeking for further knowledge. Her motto is that as a teacher “You are never ready”

In 2017 She also got certified as a IBBFA Barre instructor and started imparting classes right away with great success.

Azahar has experience teaching people from all ages. From children to third age.She is known to be a friendly, skillful and very supportive teacher. Her lessons are always build so that you learn at same time you are having fun.

As a dancer she is known to be a very charismatic performer. Her dance is always full of emotions and feelings and she knows how to transmit them well to the audience. She is also known  for applying original ideas to her choreographies.


  • October 2014 Stage of feelings competition at Hafla intensive. Helsinki.
    Awarded with the first place.
  • January 2015 Oslo oriental festival competition. Norway
    Awarded with the third place.
  • October 2016 Queen of orient competition at Hafla intensive. Helsinki.
    Awarded with the third place. Adult category.
  • March of 2020 Layali Festival.Stockholm. Awarded with first place. Professional category

Other Proyects

Azahar also been part of different cultural happenings and shows. Choreographer and dancer in a variety of musicals and theater plays and city gala shows.


Diva Darina, Nesma, Mahmoud Reda, Jillina Carlano, Manca pavli, Sadie Marqward, Marta Korzum, Natalia Amina kuzmina, Mercedes Nieto, Aziza of Cairo, Maria Aya, Rajaa Ben Moussa, Marta Korzum, Lorna of Cairo, Ansuya Rathor, Shahrzad, Zoe jakes, Alia of cairo, Mohammed Hawaz, Sumaya, Giulio Dilemi.

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