Online Mondays 10.01-25.04.2022
 15 lessons ~ 45 min. 

Feeling stiff? Do you spend long hours sitting?Would you like to say goodbye to daily routine and muscle tightness effectively, but at the same time having so much fun that you loose track of time?

In Bellybeat classes we do just that. We listen to happy and energetic Arabic pop and disco music. No difficult step patterns or choreography are involved. Just grooving and dancing with the music and why not? Burning some extra calories without even noticing it.

You don´t need any previous experience in dance, sense of rhythm or coordination. You are good exactly as you are and warmly welcome to join.

Classes are Via zoom

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Bellydance technique and drills

Online Mondays 10.01-25.4.2022
In this course we will focus in dance technique and drills. That means we will practice some foot patterns, travel steps, turns, hips, chest and arm movements separately. After that, we will combine all that we have learn in to different and catchy dance combos. We will learn different bellydance styles and focus on one theme at the time. This is an open level class that anyone can join. I will give different versions of the movements, so you can tailor your dance practice to fit your  own unique body and dance level.
Teaching language: Finnish and English if in the course there is pupils who don´t understand Finnish language.

Raks the Barre

Online Mondays 10.01-25.04.2022
 15 lessons ~ 75 min. workouts specifically designed for you, bellydancers.

This program will improve your flexibility, balance and overall strength.  You will notice your turns, balance and pointed toes getting to the next level.

If you are not a dancer, don´t worry! This program is suitable for anyone who loves Ballet and a good workout.

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